Saying Goodbye to a Companion Animal

March 20, 2014

Dear friends, you know I have shared so many details of my personal life here on my blog, and I wanted to tell you that my husband Alan and I had to say goodbye to our older cat, Roxy, a week ago Wednesday: I adopted Roxy 18-years ago when I was a lonely college senior […]

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St. Paddy’s Day Banana Soft Serve

March 16, 2014

I’m so bad at planning ahead for holiday-themed recipes, so it was a nice surprise when I was making a banana soft-serve yesterday that turned green…just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve made many a banana soft-serve in the past (see my Peanut Butter version here), but this was my first green-hued variety, thanks […]

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Frozen Blackberry Torte & Gently Raw Giveaway

March 13, 2014

I’m itching for spring, how about you? I say this with a guilty conscience because we’ve had really nothing but sunny skies and warm temperatures in California this winter. HOWEVER, I’m at that point where I am longing for spring produce, longer days, vacation, and just change in general. So, I’m absolutely thrilled to be […]

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Dairy-Free Dilled Pea Soup

March 8, 2014

We gotta move our clocks forward tonight before bed which I consider a giant pain in the you-know-what, BUT that means that spring must be on its way, woo-hoo! I was needing a really easy lunch the other day and pulled together this soup using ingredients I had on hand. I didn’t even take the […]

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Gluten-Free Organic Oat Giveaway

March 6, 2014

I’m glad you liked my tutorial and recipe for making sprouted oat groat cereal earlier this week. I mentioned in that post that I was going to be hosting a giveaway for some oat products from my new favorite source, Montana Gluten Free Processors. What is so special about this company? They have a non-GMO line […]

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Sprouted Oat Groat Cereal

March 3, 2014

If your digestive system is sensitive to eating oat groats, then I am pleased as punch to present you with an option that might change things! Just to give you some background, neither my husband nor I had any issues digesting grains until the past several years, when I became very gluten-sensitive and then my […]

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Smoked Paprika Hummus

February 24, 2014

Hey there, it’s me and I’ve got another bean-based recipe for ‘ya. Before that, what do you get when you mix onions and beans? Tear gas! Okay, apologies, it’s Monday morning and way too early for fart humor. Seriously, though, one of my endeavors is to help make beans more accessible to folks. We know […]

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Fatigue & the Ex-Vegan Phenomenon

February 19, 2014

Fellow bloggers Sayward and Matt did a talk recently about the Ex-Vegan Phenomenon, exploring some of the health reasons why up to 75% of vegans and vegetarians end up going back to eating animal products within five years. I watched it online and found the discussion absolutely fascinating, especially in light of some of my health […]

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My New Vegan Blog

February 17, 2014

Hi there and happy President’s Day to my friends here in America! Speaking of presidents, is anyone watching the new Netflix House of Cards season? I am finding it thoroughly entertaining, although the original British version is still tops in my book. Anywho, I wanted to let you know that I am essentially writing another […]

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